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UPDATED: Lost greyhound in Salem - please help! FOUND! [Nov 22nd, 07]

[ mood | worried ]

Updated 10:30 PM 11/22: Cash has been found! She's very cold, hungry and thirsty, but otherwise uninjured!

Link to webpage with further information about this search!

Cash is a female greyhound who has recently retired from the racetrack, and was being fostered in a home in Salem until she found a forever home. She escaped on Tuesday, November 20 at around 8:30 PM. It is very urgent that she be found ASAP - greyhounds have very thin skin and little body fat, and aren't able to tolerate the cold temperatures we've been having recently.

This greyhound is skittish (not a spook, though). If you see her-- and IF YOU UNDERSTAND GREYHOUNDS -- approach her very cautiously. Or, do not approach her; turn sideways, squat down, and let her come to you. Talk to her very soft and calmly. If you approach directly, she will run away, so if you have to move toawrd her, make an arc so you are not moving directly toward her. Look at her from the corner of your eyes and face your head away from her. If possible, turn your body somewhat away from her. She will come up to you on her own time with patience.

If you see Cash, or if you've found her, please call Dave, Judy or Greyhound Pets of America - Northwest.

Craigslist postings - http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/laf/486581424.html & http://salem.craigslist.org/laf/486583618.html

Crossposted (sorry if you see this more than once, but it's really important that Cash gets found!)


historical homes? [Nov 18th, 07]

Where can one get information on historic buildings in Salem?
Would the library have any easily-accessable info?
Any good websites, local resources, etc?

I'm curious about the homes on my block, built 1900-1901.


Does anyone here know... [Sep 21st, 07]


CHase Miliacho?

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Recycling? [Sep 16th, 07]

I have some steel wheels my last roommate abandoned in my apartment [which I, in turn, am now abandoning].

Where can I recycle these and maybe get a few bucks?
I always hear about tweakers stealing copper and aluminum for scrap $$ .. is there any market for steel?

Belly dancing at the Beanery First Wednesday! [Sep 3rd, 07]

You are invited to join Zephyr and friends for First Wednesdays Belly Dance at the Beanery, Downtown Salem Starting at 7:00 PM on Wednesday September 5th.

how cool is this? [Jun 28th, 07]

Salem, 1876

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Internet options? [May 21st, 07]

Are there any broadband internet options other than Qwest DSL and Comcast Cable internet currently available in Salem?

I read in the SJ a few months ago that the Qwest DSL monopoly was being dissolved, but not sure if anything new is on the market within city limits.
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New tribal belly basics class! [Apr 5th, 07]

Hey everyone,
I wanted to let anyone who might be interested know, that I will be starting a new beginner basics tribal belly dance class soon. All genders and orientations are most welcome to attend. My classes are 2 hours in length, and run for 4 to 6 weeks. One month (four week)classes are $35 dollars and 6 week classes are $50.
My next beginner class starts tuesday April 24, and will run from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. I am currently open to holding positions, as the classes fill up rather quickly. Feel free to leave a message here, if you'd like to talk about securing a place in class. Comments are screened for your privacy, so leaving your email is just ducky.

Zira Michelle

Salem Fire and Drum Circle [Apr 4th, 07]

I didn't see this posted here so I'm doing it...
Salems next Fire Circle and Drum Jam will be saturday, April 7th near sundown at the ampitheater stage in waterfromt park. Bring friends!
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FOUND KEYS [Mar 31st, 07]

So I found some keys in West Salem ... other than CraigsList, where can I post about it?

Statesman Journal wants me to pay $182.62 for a week ... not exactly in my budget right now, I'm poor as hell.

On a completely unrelated note .. anyone want to buy a set of keys? You could score a car ...
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PDX --> Salem? [Mar 5th, 07]

What's the best way to get from PDX [airport] to Salem?
Is there a train from the airport to Wilsonville? I know the 1X runs from Wilsonville to Salem.
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DO IT NOW, [Dec 7th, 06]

Today, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical monolith that charges nearly $1,000 for a 30 day supply of one of its HIV/AIDS medications, is donating $1 to the National AIDS Fund for each person who simply visits their website and "virtually lights a candle." The tally is near 100,000 now.
It only takes a second, and it's something that could brighten your day.

[Nov 30th, 06]

Anyone know of any live music going on in/around Salem/Keizer this weekend. Preferably accoustic, or quieter style music in a peaceful atmosphere?
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legal? [Nov 27th, 06]

I got hit by a car on Tuesday morning. I was a pedestrian crossing Parkway and  Broadway, I had the right of way (the sign said 'walk') and then this Jeep Wrangler just hits me dead-on. Luckily I didn't suffer any major injury, no broken bones, etc.I am really sore, bruised, and cut up a bit. I have all of the driver's information but have yet to do anything with it. 

I was wondering of anybody had some good legal advice, and if anyone could recommend a chiropractor?
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just for the hell of it [Nov 15th, 06]

Any DHR fans out in this gutter-dwelling city?
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